Our Walk-n-Dock system
makes it easy to dock your boat.

Dealer's Welcome

Need a dock part of the time and a boat part of the time? In seconds, this system can easily turn your boat into a dock.

The walkway ramp is 36" wide. It has 4 points of tie off with heavy duty loop rings - 2 on the bank end for stakes to go through and 2 on the float end to tie from or drive stakes through down to floor of your lake or pond.

Hand rails are 1 1/2" industry standard with a height of 36" tall. Assembling or disassembling your Walk N Dock can be done very easily as all parts are bolted and designed to be very consumer friendly. 


All Walk N Docks have 2 12” floats shown in top photo.

Note: the Walk N Dock shown in photo above has only 1 float under it. Hotwood's has added a second pontoon under the end of the walkway to assure complete satisfaction for the ultimate in stability for our customers. ( shown in top photo )


The skid proof covering on our ramp assures your safety when entering or exiting your boat. This gives you the complete feeling of balance and grip protection you need while enjoying your new Walk N Dock.

Shown with 2 men over 200 lbs. No worries of tipping or losing balance with our system. We have added a second 12" float under the end of the walkway, since this photo was taken.

This same dock can be modified to work with many different styles of pontoon boats. Tell us what you have and we will do our best to make it work for you. Always have dimensions and measurements ready before calling if possible. 

The boat shown is the ever popular 15' Fish N Sport 510 and the walkway is the 16' model we have been making for our docks for years.

Can be added to any Hotwood's pontoon boats. New or used.

Can be attached from the end or the side of the craft. 

This all new system is perfect for the first time buyer who wants a boat and a dock or the customer who has purchased one of our 510 series pontoon boats in the years past and wants to convert it to the new Walk N Dock system.

Who would not like to have a dock and a boat?

Here the gate is pinned in the upright position.

The fold down ramp also doubles as a gate when your boat is not docked. It lowers down with ease, when the pins are released on the railing of the walkway to drop into place, through the sleeves that are located on the front of your 510 series pontoon boat.

This bracket can be added to any of our 510 series boats old or new very easily to make your boat a dock when you want. Once the ramp is down and in place, simply put the safety pins in place through the tube that will extend past the sleeves.

The easy to handle fold-up gate/ramp can be attached with little effort.

In seconds your ramp is pinned in the gate position and you are ready to go boating.

Get the best of both worlds - A boat and dock for less than the price of most boats alone! please call for PRICING or questions.

Again, we have been asked, can this same system be attached to a boat other than Hotwood's? 

We will say this, we can supply you with everything that is used to completely attach this to one of our boats, if you wish to modify your own boat to make it work, is fine with Hotwood's. It really is a very simple system, to add to a boat. 

As you can see this gate/ramp has ample bridging to the bottom side to assure years of trouble free stability and use.

You will not find a higher quality, more attractive, dock system for the CUSTOMER WHO  DEMANDS THE BEST!

You can enjoy your walkway without the Hotwood's compact  pontoon boat as well. This is the fastest system there is, for a quick small dock, or way to get off the shoreline.

Not only is our Walk N Dock system extremely stable  and manufactured of the highest quality materials using aluminum and stainless steel we feel it is the most  attractive system that you can add to your lake or private pond.


You will have plenty of room for movement between your  boat and the walkway. It measures 22 1/2" between boat and dock, when the gate/ramp is down and in place.


Dock, when attached to boat, is fully hinged on walkway to handle the raising and lowering of water levels or incoming waves and wake.

Again, this system can be added to any Hotwood's pontoon boats, new or used.


8’ Walk N Dock ( with walkway to boat attachment ) $2,800.00

12’ Walk N Dock ( with walkway to boat attachment ) $3,100.00

16’ Walk N Dock ( with walkway to boat attachment ) $3,400.00

( pricing does not include shipping )




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