Hotwoods Boat Accessories


This day fishing bait tank will keep bait calmer and healthier.

Dark blue interior reduces shadows on the tank wall, to reduce stress on bait.


KA14461WB14G:    $365.00 + SHIPPING


KA20461WB20G:    $385.00 + SHIPPING



  • 18.5"w x 18"h Tank

  • KA500 Oxygen Infuser®

  • 3 Tray Inserts on top

  • Drain

  • Black Handles

  • Air Control Center

  • Hold-down plate

  • 13" Hinged lid with twist lock




  • 15.5"w x 15.5"h x 20"l Tank

  • KA500 Oxygen Infuser®

  • 3 Tray Inserts on top

  • Drain

  • Black Handles

  • Air Control Center

  • Hold-Down Plate for keep alive

  • 13" Hinged lid with twist lock


3.3 lb. 4-Fluke anchor

Our 3.3 lb. 4-fluke folding anchor will hold in mud, sand, gravel and rock.

25 foot rope with in-line buoy.

Durable nylon storage case is padded.

UPS Shippable

fa-2338:      $45.00




UPS Shippable

HDSRH:      $35.00 + SHIPPING

Holds a bait caster reel in a cushioned cradle.

A slot in front of the rod holder keeps the reel in a secure position when rod is in holder.

 The rod holder design has a side mounting flange, which leaves the bottom open. This allows for the rod holder to accommodate trigger sticks.

Pistol grip rod butts easily clear the sides of the rod holder for quick rod retrieval.

Includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware to mount on Hotwood's 1 1/2" aluminum handrail that is standard on all 4 pontoon boat models.

With our aluminum mounting bracket, you can also mount this rod holder to one of our Hotwood's docks that is equipped with handrail.

The mount is designed to fit 1 1/2" round tube. It will fit any application that has that size of tube, not just Hotwood's boats and docks.


Cup holder is designed to mount to our 1 1/2" round handrail. ( can be used on any tubing that is 1 1/2" round )

Can be mounted at any location along handrail on any of our pontoon boats, or if you have handrail on one of our docks, it could be mounted to that also.

Mounting bracket is all aluminum with stainless steel set screw.

Cup holder itself is abs plastic and will last many years.

Mounts, using a 2 clamp aluminum system with set screw. Very stable when mounted.

Accepts, all regular size cans and many cups also.

UPS Shippable

HDCH:     $20.00 + SHIPPING

Earth Anchor

This style of earth anchor has been used for many years on many different applications.

Conveniently anchor your boat to the shoreline.

Perfect for agriculture use and for hunting and camping.

These anchors are used widely for pulling center pivots out when they get stuck.

One of our biggest customers are the tent and awning companies.

We have seen them used for tie downs for horses, 4-H livestock, etc.

Anywhere you need to anchor, you will find this style to be the best anchor manufactured today.

They screw into the ground very easily with the right type of
bar as shown in the picture above.

Offered in 3 sizes and lengths, ( shown below )

UPS Shippable

EA-0018 (18" X 3/8"):         Red Painted       $18.00    /   galvanized  $23.00 + SHIPPING

EA-0030 (30" X 1/2"):        red painted        $24.00   /   galvanized $29.00 + shipping

EA-0042 (42" X 1/2"):        red painted        $28.00   /   galvanized $33.00 + SHIPPING

NOTE : These can be galvanized if needed.  Up charge will be added if you order in galvanized. Feel free to ask about that option and its pricing. 

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