Hotwoods Boat Motor Mounts

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Motor Mount Block

This piece can be added to your existing pontoon boat or any new one. Designed to double the area that your transom mount motor clamps on to.

Made of super hard poly plastic to ensure many years of use and will not rot like real wood. This material is also water resistant.

UPS Shippable.

TMM-1:      $7.00 + shipping

Foot Control Trolling Motor Bow Mount

This mount is made to accept foot control electric motors. This unit will bolt to the existing front deck on the Fish-N-Sport 510 15' model. It is not designed for the Lil-Sport 12' model.

UPS Shippable.

HD-ACC2:     $69.00 + SHIPPING

Lil Sport Front Foot Control Motor Mount

This mount can be added to any new or used Lil Sport 510. It will allow you to mount a foot controlled electric motor to the front of your Lil Sport 510.

All aluminum mount, will need to be bolted through the floor of the pontoon boat. Very easy to mount. UPS Shippable.

UPS Shippable.

LSFC:    $69.00 + shipping


minn-kota quick release bracket

Quick Release.jpg

Mka-16-03:      $69.00 + shipping

UPS Shippable

Allows trolling motor to be quickly removed from and reattached to boat deck.

Sides crew design attaches trolling motor to top bracket and slides into deck-mounted bottom bracket, secured with tightening screw.

Solid, anodized aluminum construction.

Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.

Brackets can be secured with padlock ( not included ) for additional security.

Features: Compatible with most Minn Kota electric steer trolling motor models, including: Ultra, Terrova, PowerDrive V2, Deckhand 40, PowerDrive Pontoon.


Minn-kota Traxxis Trolling Motor

Minn Kota® TraxxisTM Trolling Motors. Minn Kota®'s comfortable precision steering puts you where the fish are! Power - extending Digital MaximizerTM keeps you there longer than ever.

When the walleye are biting, you'd better be on the spot. All the well-placed casts in the world don't mean a thing if you can't stay on the fish... that's why every facet of the TraxxisTM was engineered to keep you in the game, no matter where the game takes you. Like the new Tilt / Extend Tiller that tilts 45° and extends up to 6" for maximum control to fit any type of fishing.

It's your comfortable key to staying right on top of the action. And, of course, it all comes backed by all the cool, quiet power you've come to expect from Minn Kota, plus Digital Maximizer technology that lets you stay out longer than ever before!

The Traxxis comes in your choice of 45, 55, 70, or 80-thrust... see the chart below for more info on the features and choices available.

Read on for even more about the technology behind the Traxxis: Minn Kota's famous cool, quiet power:

Larger brushes, windings and commutators generate less heat, less noise and run cooler-- extending motor life and conserving battery power. You get greater sustained thrust and more time on the water. A unique bearing system produces low rpms / high torque to cut down on fish-spooking noise-- so quiet they'll never hear you coming.

Digital MaximizerTM:

Instead of wasting energy with a constant flow of power, Digital MaximizerTM delivers only what's needed... a precise amount of power at any setting, along with variable speed control. The bottom line is more time on the water for you.

Indestructible Composite Shaft:

Guaranteed by Minn Kota for life! Pound for pound, it's stronger than steel. Shaft flexes on impact and won't break, kink, or corrode.

Powerful prop performance:

The 55, 70, and 80-thrust models feature the patented Weedless WedgeTM 2 Prop that can take on the thick stuff without battery-draining chopping and hacking. The swept-back, flared blades deliver unrelenting reliable performance. The 45-thrust model features Minn Kota's classic Power PropTM that delivers extra power to push heavy vegetation.


The Traxxis features Minn Kota's Tilt / Extend Tiller... it tilts up 45° and extends up to 6" to suit any style of fishing.

One-hand Stow:

Remarkably simple one-hand stow mechanism gets the Motor in and out of the water in no time. Just pull up and forward to stow, and hit the thumb release to deploy the Traxxis in any of its 10 different positions.

Versatile steering tension control:

Innovative collar above the mount allows you to adjust steering tension to your desired level. Keep it loose for effortless steering, or tighten it down to keep Traxxis in place, allowing for true vertical storing.

  • Thrust: 55

  • Shaft Length: 36" or 42"

  • Power: 12V

  • Speed: Variable

  • Recommended Max Boat Length: 21'


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minn-kota Traxxis 80lb, 42" shaft, 24v

2253258:        $559.99 + shipping

minn-kota Traxxis 55lb, 42" shaft, 12v

2253256:       $359.99 + shipping

Minn-kort Powerdrive BT Trolling Motor

Cutting-edge enhancements meet refined performance in the Minn Kota® PowerDrive™ Bow Mount Bluetooth Enabled Trolling Motor. A redesigned foot pedal lets you decide speed, steering, and momentary and constant on/off. Your Minn Kota PowerDrive sports an integrated battery meter for full-time power awareness, Deploy Assist Lever for refreshingly simple deploying, and the famous Digital Maximizer for unbeatable battery life and power management. Reliable, quiet, and powerful operation completes this Minn Kota trolling motor as the best all-around performer on the water. Manufacturer's 2-year limited warranty.

  • The most advanced PowerDrive trolling motor to date

  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity

  • Redesigned foot pedal—control speed, steering, and momentary and constant on/off

  • Includes foot pedal

  • Deploy Assist Lever

  • Push-to-test battery meter

  • Digital Maximizer

  • Quiet yet powerful operation

  • Manufacturer's 2-year limited warranty


minn-kota powerdrive 70lb, 54" shaft, bt, 24v

2253418:     $869.99 + shipping

minn-kota powerdrive 55lb, 48" shaft, bt, 12v

2253418:        $669.99 + shipping

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