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HOG MASTER SPRING Snare System/ Ram Wolf-master Power Snare

This Heavy Duty spring is made for eradicating feral pigs from the trails leading to and from their feeding areas. They also work where hogs are going under or through fence and into fields as shown in photo above.

Weighs only 2 1/3 lbs. and is 28 1/2" long when set. Longer arm allows you to make a larger loop, 20" x 16".

Weather proof. Springs are top grade steel that can be dyed with Speed Dip.

Our Hog Master Snare comes equipped with one snare, one spring, and full setting instructions.


Hog Master Spring Snare System


Hog Master Spring Snare Replacement Snares

HGM-RE12 .....$22 per dozen

Hog Master Trail Snares

Hog Master 1/8" Snare

Our Hog Master 1/8" snare is made of Heavy Duty 7x7 aircraft cable to take on the biggest hogs in open country with little entanglement.

It includes an adjustable tie-off end to make attaching to brush or a stake quick and easy. The wammy support collar is for ease of supporting your snare in brush or in the open with #9 soft black support wire.

This snare uses the 1/8" cam lock to avoid the snare from backing up. It is the most positive lock in the world. We have done away with the aluminum stop buttons and have graduated to all steel stops to elminiate the hog from tearing them off.

All snares are equipped with deer stops to help prevent accidental deer catches. Snares are mad for the professional or rancher/farmer trying to solve their wild hog problem.

1/8" Hog Master Trail Snares
HGM-RE18 .....$34.00 per dozen



HOG Master 3/32" Snare

Our Hog Master 3/32" snare is made of 3/32 - 1x19 cable which is stiffer and holds a nice loop when snaring in brush.

This snare is tough!

It has all the same hardware as our 1/8" Hog Master snare with the addition of a more stealthy cable. This is an excellent snare for brush country where low visibility is needed.

3/32" Hog Master Trail Snares

HGM-RE32 .....$32.00 per dozen

Fremont Hog Humane Foot Snare

Fremont Hog Humane Foot Snare

The Fremont foot snare incorporates a spring/trigger assembly which fires a loop up and around the animals leg. This does not harm the animal.

Includes: Instructions, Fremont snare thrower, HD high tie extension cable, 
and a quick link.

Fremont Hog Humane Foot Snare does not harm animal.

Replacement Snare for Fremont Foot Snare

1/8" snare is made of Heavy Duty 7x7 aircraft cable

Hog Extensions for the Fremont Foot Snare

Six foot of 7x7 1/8" cable looped at each end


Fremont Extension

FHM-HEX ..... $4.25

Fremont Hog Foot Snare

FHM-SYS .....$42.00

Fremont Replacement Snare

FHM-RE .....$4.25


# 9 Wire ( 63' long )

This is the same #9 support wire that we use in our trapping video to support all of our snares.

UPS Shippable

9SBW ..... $10.00 per roll

These rolls are very convenient to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop.

Easier to handle and store than the 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of the pickup for years.

The small roll is so handy when working in the terrain most porblem animals live in. Our customers have been asking for this, and here it is.

63' of #9 soft black wire.

Roll weighs, 3.5 lbs.


Black Gold Wild Boar Attactant

Black Gold comes in a 32 oz. bottle

Both hunters and trappers alike have had great success bringing in boars with Black Gold!

What makes Black Gold stand apart from other boar attractants is that it contains no salt. Hogs do not sweat and therefore cannot handle salt. Most other hog attractants have salt listed as their first ingredient.

As a scent attractant or rub, Black Gold can be used in most states that forbid baiting because boars are attracted to the strong scent and want to rub and roll in the pungent odor. Always check local and state game laws before using any Black Gold.

Bring in the game!

 A wild hog’s social and dominance status is based on scent.  Trophy sized dominant boars love to rub and cover their bodies with strong odors.

Black Gold drives hogs crazy! Black Gold is a 100% environmentally safe wild boar scent attractant.

 It is designed to be used as a rub and is best when applied to the side of a tree or post or when poured over a recently used wallow.  

Black Gold has a sweet and sour smell and can also be mixed into a sour corn recipe.

UPS Shippable

32 oz. bottle     $12.50 + shipping


BOaRMASTERS Nitro blend

Nitro is a powerful mixture of flavors that the wild boars love! This ultra fine powder was developed to attract from long distances and has a super sweet taste the boars love.

Use it in hog traps that the hogs have been avoiding. They won't be able to resist it! Just shake it all over the inside of the trap.

Treats 4 traps. Use 1 oz. per trap; it's strong and ultra fine. 

UPS Shippable

A super sweet blend of concentrated flavors that drives the wild boar crazy!

This is a sticky sweet ultra fine powder that can be used by itself or used to sweeten and flavor, up to 250 lbs of feed or dry corn.

It has a powerful scent that will bring them out of the bottoms and thickets.

This is not recomended for feeders, it will get sticky in warm weather.

Perfect for traps and bait holes.

Available in our 4oz packages or 1lb bulk packs.

Extremely strong and sweet.

NITR-4  (4 oz.) ..... $8.50 each

Russian Mix

Developed and tested on 5,000 acres to mask the bitter taste of added vitamins and minerals.

Not only did it perform it’s purpose; we noticed a 50% increase in daytime feedings.

4 oz. will sweeten and flavor 250 lbs of feed or corn.

Offered in 3 great flavors that the boar love: Persimmon Ice Cream, Peanut butter cookie dough, and Blackberry molasses.

 Available in our 4 oz. packages.

Russian Mix (4 oz.) ..... $8.50 each

Sour Mash Excel

Sour Mash Excel (4 oz.) ..... $8.50 ea.

Two flavors to choose from: Raspberry Apple Jelly or Sour Apple.

No more mess making sour mash.

Comes in our 4oz stand up black bag and a new 1lb size that you can mix with your favorite feed to make an outstanding instant sour mash!

It has a powerful odor and a sweet taste that the boar will love.

Just mix a small handful with each bag of dry corn or feed and put it out. They will find it fast.


We are currently redesigning our Eliminator Hog Gate Line as of 4-1-18. The new gate will be manufactured from steel instead of aluminum and should be ready to ship by 6-1-18. Do not be concerned with quality or functionality, as with any of our products we manufacture or carry the new design will perform just like the original one for years in the field.

Please call with any questions toll free 877-407-8645

Hotwoods Hog Gates

The HOTwooDS aluminum Eliminator hog gate

Eliminator 1.jpg

Closed position

Eliminator 2.jpg

Open position

Eliminator 3.jpg

 Trip line tie off point

After design and testing through the help from multiple State Wildlife Control Services, Hotwoods began manufacturing this light weight all aluminum hog trap gate which lends a new twist to an already proven design, that has become very popular in the field with private landowners to many trappers for the government etc.

Some people call this style, the rooter or 3 door drop.

This gate was designed to lag into wood posts or to be used with steel "T" posts, or it can be adapted to any situation you may have.


Why aluminum? Have you ever had to carry a gate this size very far into the woods, made of steel? If so, you will really appreciate the weight of this gate. 

Do not let the light weight scare you from thinking it will not hold up to a wild hog, Our gates are field proven and have held up to some of the biggest hogs out in the wilds.

How the Eliminator works

Antlers, OK. 1-26-09 (47).jpg
Shown with pen built in a square shape. This works fine, but a circle sometimes works even better. This customer added panels over the top of the pen also. They were trapping larger hogs and did not want to take any chances of them getting out.

Shown with pen built in a square shape. This works fine, but a circle sometimes works even better. This customer added panels over the top of the pen also. They were trapping larger hogs and did not want to take any chances of them getting out.

Place your gate in a desired spot, where hogs are in the area. Build your pin coming off of each side of the gate in a circle. A circle always works best to keep hogs from piling up in a corner. The size of your pin, can be determined by the size of your hogs, and number of hogs, you are wanting to catch at a time. 


A trip line will be attached to the i-bolt on the door hanger bar, as shown with red arrow above after you have raised the 3 doors up in place. You will then take that trip line to the rear of the pen and secure it in the area where you have dumped the grain or bait you are using to attract the hogs. When the hog hits the line the hanger bar will pull out and the 3 doors will drop down. It is nearly impossible for any hog to get out through the door after it closes. ( much like a fish or sparrow trap )

The door opening is 34" tall x 38" wide. Each of the 3 doors are approximately 12" wide. Allowing you to trap all sizes of hogs.
Overall height is 68". You will find this gate to be very user friendly and extremely durable.

The three door design allows all sizes of hogs to enter after the trip line has been released and the doors are in the down position. ( As shown in above photo. ) Allowing one at a time or multiples to enter while eliminating the chance of other hogs escaping, as the little one is coming in one side, leaving a huge gap open for a hog to escape beside the incoming hog.

Manufactured completely from aluminum, the Hotwoods ELIMINATOR Style gates is easy to lift and carry.

After working with various state agencies, we have found standard steel hog traps were just too heavy and difficult to move.

Therefore, we built these gates entirely out of aluminum to make them very easy to install and move, without giving up any quality or durability to the product.

Easy to handle. Easy to move

Weighs less than 55 lbs.

UPS Shippable


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Typical set up of pen trap

click here for pdf instructions for building corral trap


Boss Hawg Pen Traps


Boss Hawg Standard Pen Trap

The Boss Hawg "Standard" feral hot trap design is 4' x 8' x 3' 
and fits easily into a full sized pickup bed. 

This little rugged swing door live trap is perfect for ranches and farms. Anywhere hogs are a problem.

The Boss Hawg Standard is excellent for spot trapping small groups of hogs when big pen traps are not necessary.

This trap is not collapsible like our other model.

Price does not include shipping. ( Truck freight only ) 



Boss Hawg Pro Pen

The Pro Pen is a tough all-steel portable hog pen trap that pins together.

It comes with 1 saloon style door, 7 pro pen panels and 1 entrance door that can also be equipped with a loading chute to load the hogs onto a trailer.

The pen can be expended by adding more pro pen panels.

This all-steel pen will hold up to the abuses of hog trapping and give your ranch or farm years of service and dependability.

Prices do not include shipping. ( Truck freight only ) 

$2,100.00 (without loading chute)
$2,370.00 (with loading chute)
$147.00 (FOR addiTIONAL 5' X 10' PRO PEN PANEL)

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