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Moore Maker, the company from the panhandle of Texas that has been family owned and ran for years.

When you buy Moore Maker tools, you are buying a tool that will last your life time, if it is taken care of.

It will be taken care of, simply because after you get your new tool, you will realize the effort and time along with the ingenuity it took to make that tool for you.

It is virtually impossible to find a better made tool on the market today. That is why we are proud to handle the Moore Maker brand. 

Proudly made in the USA

  • Lightly chrome plated heavy steel construction.

  • Hammer head, and wire cutter on both sides.

  • Staple puller in the head.

  • Specifically designed for cutting heavy barbed wire.

  • Plier grip in the jaw.

  • Weight 1 lb.

  • Length 10 1/2"

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • UPS Shippable


PART #          WW-BFP

PRICE   $61.00  + UPS

The Bullnose Moore Maker brand fencing pliers are the most reliable fencing pliers on the market.

Our pliers can easily cut barbed wire, and smooth wire.

These are the type of fencing pliers used on most of the major ranches in the world. Guaranteed for 1 year, but designed to last a lifetime.


Plammer pliers $54.75

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Heavy steel construction

  • Hammer head for driving staples or nails

  • Large claw for pulling nails

  • Wire cutters on both sides

  • Weight2 lb.

  • Length 10 1/2"

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • UPS Shippable


This tool is a combination hammer, and fencing pliers.

The Plammer could be one of the handiest tools you will ever use, when fencing, or doing any related jobs.

Designed and manufacture to last a lifetime, you will find yourself reaching for this tool daily. 

PART #     WW-PLM              

PRICE     $66.00 + UPS


Spike fencing pliers $52.50

Again, these come from a long family of the best fencing pliers in the world.

  • Lightly chrome plated heavy steel construction.

  • Weight 1 lb.

  • Length 10 1/2"

  • Hammer head, and wire cutter on both sides.

  • Staple puller in the head, plus NEW Spiked head.

  • Specifically designed for cutting. heavy barbed wire.

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • UPS Shippable


The spike nose fencing pliers have a  spike on one side, and a bullnose on the other. They can be used to hammer nails or staples in, or cut most types of wire.

This is another one of those tools you will not want to be without when fencing or doing many tasks around the farm or ranch.

You will find this tool to be very comfortable to handle and extremely well balanced.

Moore Maker, the best quality in the field.

PART #    WW-SPK            

PRICE   $63.00




Tie bar used to tie wire clips onto Tee- Posts. Simply insert end of clip into open end and twist bar around the post. Spiked end for untying clips from posts. 

 7" model for barbed or single strand wire.
 Moore Maker Pantented.
 Cuts wire tying time in half.

Proudly made in the USA

UPS Shippable



PRICE    $26.00 + UPS



Designed and manufactured by a trusted name like Moore Maker, you know this is another one of those tools that you will pass down to the next generation, when you are done doing the fencing yourself.

This stretcher is ideal for short stretches of fence, or repairing any wire after a run of fence has been damaged for any reason.

Simply place the wire to be stretched between the handle and head, place the head on the post at desired height, apply pressure until desired tension is reached, tie off, or staple the wire, that is all there is to it.


Solid cast steel construction.

plenty of leverage to pull wire tight.

Weight  4 lb.

Length  28"

Proudly made in the USA

UPS Shippable



PRICE    $65.00


Everyone needs one of these in their truck.

How many farmers and ranchers have a twisted up and tangled pile of # 9 wire in the back of their truck? It started out as a 36" nice tight roll, but what happened?

After untangling everything I ever needed in the back of the pickup when I was growing up on the farm, I decided it was time to offer a small roll of life saver #9 wire that can be put in any tool box, or even under the seat in your truck.

You say, you are not that guy, let me tell you, it is hard to convince any of us here at Hotwood's, that without #9 wire and duct tape, we could survive.

 Thousands of farmers and ranchers already have these in their pickup, or around the shop and so should you!

This compact roll of soft # 9 wire has 63' of usable wire on each roll.

Weight per roll is 3 1/2 pounds.

Extremely handy and easy to use.

UPS Shippable

#9 Wire 3 1/2 lb. roll


PRICE  ( Per Roll )    $12.00 + UPS


The reel shown in above photo, has a 4" center tube to be used for barbed or smooth wire.

We also offer an 8" center tube for high tensile wire.

The solid reel was developed for the person that wants to leave the wire on the reel. It is a great way to mark the wire to the field location and put it right back in the same spot year after year.

All solid reels can be used on any Pro-Tatch wire winder, new or used.

Designed to be used on high tensile, its 8” center you will not roll the high tensile wire as tight, in a small coil when rolling. Capacity is 1 mile of wire. The outside diameter of this reel is 20".

The 4” center standard reel measures 20” in diameter with a 4" center, and is designed to be used on any type of wire. It will comfortably hold 1 mile of smooth or 1/2 mile of barbed wire.

The 4” mini solid reel is 12” in diameter with a 4" center, designed to hold smooth or barbed wire. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire.

All 3 designs are manufactured of steel with baked on powder coat finish.  

This 4" mini spool, is designed to be used on all Pro-Tatch wire winders just like our other solid reels.

It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. It can also be used to roll barbed wire as well.

Very easy to handle and store. All steel construction to last for years of use.

UPS shippable.

Solid Reels

NS-1752 (4"MINI): 12" outside diameter with 4" center

NS-1754 (4" CENTER): 20" outside diameter with 4" center

NS-1758 (8" CENTER): 20" outside diameter with 4" center

Solid Reel pricing

NS-1752 (4"MINI):            $72.00 + SHIPPING

NS-1754 (4" CENTER):      $93.00 + SHIPPING

NS-1758 (8" CENTER):      $98.00 + SHIPPING


This option is designed to unroll new rolls of barb wire.

 This arm can be added to any Pro-Tatch 3 point wire winder, new or old.
 Can easily be adapted to many other applications. We have seen customers put these units on pickups and all terrain vehicles, etc.

Manufactured of steel, this arm is made to last for years.

Designed to just set the new roll of wire on, over the 1" shaft that comes up through the middle of the roll and drive away from your starting point. 

This is not used to roll wire up in any way. Only unroll new rolls of wire.

Installs in minutes on your tool bar of your wire winder as shown in photo above.

Need a custom mount? Ask your sales person about our fabrication abilities.

UPS Shippable

Unrolling Arm Pricing

Part #     NA-176

Price     $185.00 + UPS Shipping