Hotwoods Bucket Bird Feeder

The bird feeder that guarantees hours of bird watching enjoyment.

Our bucket bird feeder has been a favorite for years for the person that does not want to be going out to fill the feeder every other day. This feeder holds 7 pounds of black oil sunflower seed or comparable millets etc. That is just one of the great benefits that you will have as this feeder will not have you filling it as often with its capacity. Comes complete with 2 settings inside to monitor the seed flow by the size or type of seed you are feeding. You may not think so, but great engineering goes into a product like this as we tested the length of the perches to make sure it was uncomfortable for your larger pesky birds so they would not or could not land to feed. The aluminum shields you see around the feeder openings were designed for one reason, to keep squirrels from chewing the hole bigger and spilling the seed on the ground. The lid has a snap ring around it that keeps unwanted friends from being able to get the lid off also. This has been a 20 plus year project and product line we are constantly perfecting to give you, the customer what you want while satisfying the beauty that nature brings us if we decide to participate.

The ultimate gift for the person that loves nature


Holds 7 pounds of black oil sunflower seed. ( fewer trips to fill feeder ) Has 2 settings, 1 for black oil sunflower seed, 1 for smaller millet seed. Aluminum snap tight lid. ( keeps the unwanted out ) Aluminum squirrel chew shields on feeder openings. Zinc coated perches for birds to land on. Bucket you will receive will have 2 types of house finches and the red cardinal shown. Handle is designed with loop notch in top center to hold it in place when you hang it.

Bottom drain hole shown above prevents any build up of moisture in bucket.

Bottom drain hole shown above prevents any build up of moisture in bucket.

Bucket is water proof, but has a drain in bottom to allow any type of moisture to pass through that may get in due to driving rain or any stormy conditions. Note: We have added 2 different style house finches along with only 2 cardinals on the new buckets we are manufacturing. This artwork we designed in house with our very own artist gives you a little variety of birds on the bucket itself.

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Price $39.95

I personally have had one of these feeders in my backyard for over 20 years and cannot get enough of the enjoyment it brings my family and myself. The first bucket I hung lasted 12 years until a branch fell on it during an ice storm, breaking it. I then replaced it with the very bucket that is still hanging there today.

Kevin Houtwed, President Hotwoods Inc.