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Animal Control

"Dog Proof" Raccoon Trap

Features heavy duty machine chain with swivels attached. 
This trap comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. 
Set it, stake it, and forget it. Its that simple. Features heavy duty coil springs and trigger system.

DPCT (Single) ..... $12.95 + Shipping

DPCT (Doz.) ..... $148.00 + Shipping

Heavy Duty Single Door Cage Trap

Our heavy duty cage traps, offer the ultimate variety in humane live catch cage traps.

These traps feature all steel rod gravity drop doors, 
bait protected cage mesh, with a complete internal steel rod frame. 
All cage trap models are constructed to provide for exceptional durability with no harm to the animal.


Cage dimensions 16" x 5" x 5" 
Excellent for rodents and small squirrels.

HDT-1100 ..... $11.25 + Shipping


Cage dimensions 26" x 9" x 9" 
For larger squirrels, rabbits, muskrat and skunks.

HDT-1109 ..... $45.95 + Shipping


Cage dimensions 30" x 12" x 12" 
Perfect for trapping raccoon, cat, skunk, armadillo & possum.

HDT-1112 ..... $55.95 + Shipping


Cage dimensions 36" x 15" x 14"
Trap sized for larger raccoon, fox or cat.

HDT-1114 ..... $75.95 + Shipping

Ram Wolf-master Power Snare/ HOG MASTER SPRING
Snare System

No water heads, fur damage or escapes from chew outs.

Springs are top grade steel can be dyed with Speed Dip.

All Ram Power Snares come equipped with one snare, one spring, and full setting instructions.

Wolf-master, For wolf, cougar, problem bear, and wild hogs.

Weighs only 2 1/3 pounds.

Wolf-master is 28 1/2" long when set . Comes with 58" of 1x19 5/64" cable. Longer arm allows you to make a larger loop, 20" x16".


Ram Wolf-master Power Snare System

HGM-SYS ..... $29.00 + Shipping


Ram Wolf-master Power Replacement Snares ( shown at left )

HGM-RE12 .....$22 per dozen + Shipping

Hotwoods Predator/ Coyote Snares

Our 10' predator snare is just the ticket for managing a predator population, yet livestock friendly.

We have seen the need for a snare that will hold coyotes, but will break-away for livestock and deer, and this is it.

Our 10' snare is equipped with 110lb. break away s-hook that disconnects when larger game is caught.

It also has a 52lb. kill spring and cam-lock that puts predators down fast.

For easy support, there is a wammey support collar on 1/16" x 1 x 19 cable to make this snare almost invisible to predators.

The Hotwoods predator snare is a real asset to any livestock or wildlife protection program.

CYT-SN (Doz.) ..... $28.00 + Shipping

Sliver Creek Beaver Lure

The Silver Creek Lure is a castor based lure that really reaches out and makes the beaver investigate out of curiosity or rage. Silver Creek works well all year round and is unbeatable in the spring at castor mounds. 

Our lure is for the avid trapper, out to catch a few beaver for fun, or for the land owner trying to stop beaver damage on their property.

Try a bottle and you will agree, this stuff really works.

There are two types of Silver Creek Beaver Lure:

Silver Creek Beaver Lure 1 
Original castor order. Great for curiosity.

Silver Creek Beaver Lure 2
Original Silver Creek Beaver Lure castor scent with added ingredients. Great as a change up lure. 

BEAVL-I (2 oz) ..... $10.00 + Shipping

BEAVL-II (2 oz) ..... $10.00 + Shipping

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