Hotwood's Universal Hydraulic Winder


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This unit can be used in many applications. We see it most commonly used on skid steers, loader buckets, or bale mover pickups. You can mount it anywhere you have hydraulics, or have a hydraulic power unit to run it.

  • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 1/4" Mounting Plate
  •  1/2" Mounting Holes in Corners for Mounting
  •  Unit Comes Complete with spool, hoses, valve, shaft, love-joy couplers and motor (as shown) We do not supply hose couplings.
  •  This unit functions exactly the same as our 3-point model, the only difference is the mount shown.
  • UPS shippable

This is the complete universal wire winder you will receive unless you just need the framework only.

It has been common for the customer that already has a 3 point hydraulic winder to order just the universal frame only shown below. All components from the 3 point unit, will bolt directly on this frame to give you another mounting option.

All components from 3 point mount will interchange with this unit.

Universal Mount Hydraulic Winder

Universal 3-Point System

With this new package it is possible to use your new winder as a 3-point on the tractor
or you can unbolt the motor arm from that mount and bolt it to your universal plate
to be mounted in a multiple of ways.

The Universal has become very popular and this system gives you more options when using your new Pro-Tatch Wire Winder.

With this package you will receive everything shown in the above picture which includes the 3-point tool bar mount along with the universal 16" x 16" plate mount, and all the hardware including the yellow split reel and the hydraulic motor.

UPS shippable

Universal 3-Point System

Universal Hydraulic Winder - Mount Only

Mount for Universal Winder may be purchased separately. This is an option for the owner of a Pro-Tatch Hydraulic Wire Winder who needs to mount it to a different  application other than a tractor.

All components from the 3-point Hydraulic Winder will bolt to this mount and function in the same way.

Comes with poly shaft bushings in place as shown in above photo.

UPS shippable.