Hotwoods LIL' SPORT

12' Personal Pontoon Boat

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LiL Sport shown with optional bench seat in image above.

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Whether you are a lake front home owner or a serious back water fisherman this LiL Sport is ideal to get you across the water. Using 4 pontoons (2) 12" & (2) 8", the stability is incredible for a craft this size.

The LiL Sport has been very popular with the family that has a home on the lake and needs a very low maintenance boat for everyone to enjoy. Its lightweight makes it very easy to pull up on the beach or any bank when not in use.

We are asked regularly, how big of a motor do I need on this boat? The truth is a 3 - 5 hp gas or small electric trolling motor is all it takes to move it smoothly and quietly across the lake.

This model, like our complete line, has also been very popular with water treatment plants or any type of industry that needs a maneuverable work platform.

Lil Sport shown above with optional Minn-Kota trolling motor, battery, outside battery shelf, (2) white mariner chairs.

Hotwood's Lil' Sport


Lil Sport Standard Features

  • Heavy duty all aluminum construction.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • Two 12-inch diameter pontoons. (.090 wall thickness)
  • Two 8-inch diameter pontoons. (.090 wall thickness)
  • Grade of aluminum used on pontoon logs ( 5052 )
  • Grade of aluminum used on decking and structural material ( 60 series air craft grade )
  • 3/4-inch marine grade plywood floor.
  • High grade vinyl floor covering.
  • Useable floor space: 5' x 10'
  • 700 lb weight capacity.
  • 10 horsepower rating.
  • Heavy duty rear transom motor mount.
  • Motor mount dimensions. ( 10" wide x 7 3/4" tall x 1" thick )
  • Total length: 12 ft 10 in.
  • Total width: 5 ft 7in.
  • Total boat weight: 355 lbs. ( boat only ) trailer adds 320 lbs. ( combined 675 lbs. ) no accessories included, in those weights.
  • Outside floor edge lip 3 3/4" tall. ( all around interior edge of deck )
  • Handrails are 1 1/2" comfort grip round aluminum.
  • Handrails 20" Standard. (34" Optional)
  • Side handrail opening 21"
  • Front handrail opening 21"
  • Rear handrail opening 21"
  • Front Step / Splash Guard.
  • US Coast Guard Approved.

Click on Play button for complete walk around & description of the LiL Sport pontoon boat and shoreland'r trailer. (Note: all trailers are now galvanized.)


Hotwoods pontoon line features drainage at multiple points to assure no water ever builds up on the deck of the boat.

Above is the proper way to strap down your boat (front and rear) when transporting on the road. This is done using one 6' ATV strap on the front and the rear, as shown.

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 Compare Pontoon models, specs, options & prices! 

Compare Pontoon models, specs, options & prices!