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Hydro Sport 2
1-2 Man Pontoon

You will not believe how this boat handles!
Only 200 lbs. with carrying capacity of 450 lbs!


Overall width is 5'4" x 10'. The fishing platform is 4' wide and 5' long.

The floor is 3/4" marine grade plywood covered with the highest grade rubber matting available on the market today. The main deck structure is all aluminum with stainless steel hardware. The handrails will accept rod holders and drink holders just like our popular 510 series pontoon boats.





You might ask how does it handle with the motor mount not centered? It handles just fine. The only noticeable difference is that it turns to the left a little shorter than it does to the right. Performance of the craft is not affected.



The motor mount witch will accept any small electric trolling motor.
We use the Minn-Kota 55 trolling motor.
The floats are made from molded polyethene that is nearly indestructable.

Trailers will soon be available.



Oar Locks and Oars are also available!

Above left picture shows the optional bench seat cushion that comes in green. The red arrows point to drink holders located on each end of the bench seat for a total of 2 on each boat.
The picture on the right shows the grab straps on each float. They are on both ends for ease of handling.



H-S 2

$1799.00 + shipping

Maneuverability is not a problem with
our 3-float design.

Check out the awesome stability
of the Hydro Sport 2.

Hotwood's has been working on this model for two years to assure that
you will not find a more stable or comfortable small boat to fish from.
After having the Hydro Sport 2 on the water we can personally assure you that you have never experienced any thing like it.

Our 3 float design was designed by a veteran canoer to assure you that even in choppy water
this little craft will cut the chop and give you a smooth ride. Always use caution when waters become to rough for this size of a craft.

Two easy spin-off wing bolts (shown above) are used to break down floats from boat body
when transporting or storing.

We have tested many small 1-2 man fishing boats built and we are certain there are none
more stable than our 510 series pontoons. Your satsifaction is guaranteed!

Just be ready to answer a lot of questions when you go fishing. You will be the hit
at your favorite fishing spot.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today To Order
Your Hydro Sport 2.



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