Aluminum Floating Dock Systems 

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8' x 16' Dock System

Hotwood's 816 aluminum docks

Hotwood's 816 aluminum docks can be ordered with multiple lengths of walkways, depending on the customers needs or shoreline, while all walkways will have handrail, standard, the dock itself does not have handrail, unless ordered as an option by the customer. We will manufacture your docks handrails to fit your needs, if you choose that as an option when ordering.

 Our docks are manufactured completely of aluminum with stainless steel hardware along with styrene filled poly floats that carry a 12 year warranty. 

When you purchase a Hotwood's all aluminum dock and walkway, you are buying the highest quality product you can add to your property that we assure you will be satisfied with for many years to come.

It's time to replace your dock with a
quality floating dock system from Hotwoods.

6' x 12' Dock System

Hotwoods 612 all aluminum dock

Hotwoods 612 all aluminum dock shown with 12' aluminum walkway and seawall bridge with threshold ramp.

Hotwoods aluminum docks can be ordered with the walkway attached to the end as shown above or to the side, to form a T shape, depending on what your needs may be.

Like all our Hotwood's docks, the 612 is manufactured completely from aluminum, using all stainless steel hardware. 

The styrene filled poly floats carry a12 year warranty 

The 612 dock can be ordered with 3 standard lengths of aluminum walkways we offer, or you can request a custom length if needed to work with your application.

All walkways come standard with handrail on both sides, while handrail on the dock is an option that needs to be ordered when purchasing your dock, if you want handrail around the whole dock, or part of it. We will manufacture the handrail to fit your needs.

Jet Ski Float System

Hotwood's designed the jet ski walkway dock for the person that needs a quick fix to have access to the lake, by getting out and away from the shore, as economically as possible, while still having the quality of our all aluminum construction used on all our Hotwood's docks and walkways. 

Length's of the walkway will be up to the customer, as we have 3 standard lengths, but a custom length can be ordered as an option if need to fit your needs. 

The uses are endless for this system, as we have seen them used for the customer that has a canoe, up to a larger john boat. We have also seen these used in industrial or commercial settings like gravel pits, etc. You decide what you need it for, and we will provide the dock.

Walk-N-Dock System

Hotwood's Walk N Dock has been such a popular option for the person that has one of our pontoon boats, or is ordering one, and would like to see it used as a dock or a boat. 

With the pull of 2 pins, you release the boat from the walkway and go boating. When you return to the walkway, simply lower the end ramp down to the receiver pockets on the boat and install 2 pins and your boat instantly becomes a dock. 

This system gives you multiple options that you do not have with any other boat or dock on the market. 

The walkway comes in 3 standard lengths, while you can order custom lengths if needed to work for your application. 


Ask about our custom-built dock walkways.

We can custom build walkways to your specific needs.


We manufacture custom walkways for customers who need to replace an existing walkway or to be used in a new setup. Walkways can be adapted to any dock system new or old. This unit is 6' wide by 24' long. All aluminum.

The dock above was designed and manufactured for the State of Nebraska. It is completely aluminum with a 12" heavy duty I-beam substructure.


Shown above is a 3' x 16' all aluminum walkway designed for one of our customers to fit their needs.  Standard lengths are 8’, 12’, and 16’. Custom lengths can be made as well as custom attachments to dock and shorelines.

The all aluminum design means no maintenance with many years of use. That is extremely important when you are talking about a state lake location.

Manufactured completely from aluminum, this is the type of dock that is needed to last lifetimes with very little maintenance, when being used in a public location, as it is at Lake Wanahoo in Wahoo, Ne. Hotwood's welcomes all State and Federal agencies, in need of any size dock or walkway.

Another dock Hotwood's manufactured for the State of Nebraska that measures 20' x 30' with a 10' x 20' walkway. 

When it comes to custom sizes, Hotwood's will take the time and energy it takes to satisfy your needs, large or small, private or public.

Another ShoreMaster boat lift, sold & installed by Hotwoods on Ponderosa Lake in Grand Island, Ne.

 This is the ultimate way to take care of the investment you have in your boat, when it comes to keeping it safe from the elements of mother nature.

This is a ShoreMaster Concrete dock installed recently by Hotwoods in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Customize your ShoreMaster dock, to make it perfect for entertaining, fishing, boating and relaxing.

We're Your Connect-a-Dock Dealer

Custom modular floating docks that can be custom
built for your specific needs.

A lifetime of waterfront adventures await with the family-friendly Connect-A-Dock floating dock system. Modular design and rugged construction allow a simple, quick and reliable way to build boat docks, rowing docks, fishing docks, swimming platforms and anything else you can imagine for your home.

This residential lake pump station dock is near Grand Island, NE. This dock will give maintenance crews better access to the lake pump, and a finished appearance for lake residents.

Why we choose aluminum over wood docks...

As shown above, wood docks not only mean slivers from the wood, but the obvious sagging boards that could possibly give way when a person is entering or exiting the dock.

One of the biggest problems we see everyday in this business is dry rot in wood. You may as, what is dry rot? This occurs when the wood dries out on the underside of the plank, leaving the top side looking perfectly fine. Once the rot has penetrated the wood on the bottom side, it is just a matter of time before someone will break through the walkway or top of the dock, falling in the lake or injuring themselves due to the fall. This is especially dangerous for the elderly, that may not notice a bad spot in the wood before it is too late. 

In today's world the average home owner cannot afford this type of liability. We like to see the customer consider their dock as an investment just like their home.

 Adding an aluminum dock adds to the value of your property, verses the wooden dock that is forever needing maintenance as the years go by.

With Hotwood's aluminum dock system, you are making an investment that will last a lifetime, and give you the assurance of safety overtime you use it.

Another all aluminum pier manufactured for the State of Nebraska.   This structure is 20' x 30' with a 10' x 20' walkway.

Hotwood's listens and understands, your needs, large or small, when designing or manufacturing to your spec's.

816 Dock with 16' walkway, swim ladder and 15' Fish N Sport pontoon boat. This is the perfect setup for the lake front home owner who wants very little maintenance and plans to use their dock and boat for years and years.