Hotwood’s Bucket Bird Feeder

This is the ultimate bird feeder for many reasons, but one of the nicest things is the fact it holds enough seed, unlike so many feeders that you do not have a trail worn in your yard out to the feeder from filling it 3 times a week.

We have been selling these since the early days in our business and have yet to have a customer that does not just love them.

As the owner of Hotwood’s, I can tell you that I have had one in my back yard for 20 plus years and the enjoyment we have had is unbelievable. We watch on a regular basis the birds hovering around the bucket waiting for a perch to open up. The cardinals absolutely love this feeder also.

What do the squirrels think of it? Well, they have a problem as we designed it with aluminum hole openings so they cannot chew the openings out and get to the seed. It is almost as much fun watching them try to get a snack as it is to watch the birds somedays.

The lid is also fixed so it cannot be opened by anything but a human while pouring seed in it.

We have studied this feeder for years with a lot of engineering going into it like, the perch lengths that keep the larger birds off the perches. The drain in the bottom of the bucket to keep moisture from building up in wet situations. There has been hours just figuring out the right hanger handle. Then there is the inside structure that keeps the seed from just pouring out.

This feeder is what we call the ultimate gift to give that someone you are not sure what to get, especially the senior citizen that we all know loves to watch birds.

What we are saying is, you will not be disappointed with this feeder in anyway.

UPS Shippable

Pricing: $34.95

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