Hotwoods Boat Accessories

Shoreland'r galvanized trailer


TRLR5 (Fits LiL Sport & Fish N Sport):            $1200.00

TRLR6 (Fits Aluma Sport 612 & 615):                $1200.00

This Shoreland'r trailer has been designed exclusively for the Hotwood's pontoon line.

Completely galvanized, this trailer will last for years without showing chips or rust, like any painted trailer will.

We have personally pulled these trailers at interstate speeds all across the country trouble free, if you question, any distance or speed, it is not an issue. 

Standard Features:

Trailer weighs 320 pounds ( empty ) 

2" ball hitch.

4 prong flat plug for lighting. ( wiring is concealed in frame of trailer )

Hand crank winch on mast.

Carpet covered 2" x 4" bunks.

Tires: Carlisle Sport Trail 4.80 x 12 B ( 4 ply ) 780 lbs. per tire load rate.

5 bolt 12" galvanized rims.

Bearing buddy's on axles.

Safety chains.


Tie down hooks. ( front & rear )

Jack. ( OPTIONAL )

Spare and spare carrier bracket. ( OPTIONAL )

Hotwoods Weatherproof Folding Mariner Chair


Folding Mariner Chair

HFMC-3026:      $215.00 + Shipping

Built to be durable and weather resistant. High density foam cushions are resilient and firm for maximum comfort. The heavy-duty 26 ounce marine grade vinyl upholstery is mildew resistant and UV-treated to withstand fading. All hardware is corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Frames are constructed of 1" sturdy, thick-wall, bright-dipped annodized aluminum. There is not a better quality, more comfortable chair on the market today.

Perfect for your backyard patio or sporting event.
Add to your existing boat or just about anywhere
you want to be comfortable.

Seat height - 30" / Width 26" / Depth 24" (2 year warranty)

UPS Shippable

Removable Marine Table

This oval table is constructed of high quality injection molded plastic and designed for lasting strength and durability.

The marine table features two molded cup holders and includes ( 1 ) 27" x  2-3/8" diameter anodized aluminum post, 7" aluminum floor base and table top.

Mounting the floor base requires hardware for base only. The hardware bolts are not supplied, simply because every application can be different.

You do NOT have to drill a 2-3/8" hole for the table post.

Table post screws into base as pictured below.

UPS Shippable

MT-1106:        $149.99 + SHIPPING

Hotwood's 12v Solar Battery Trickle
Charger & Mount

Solar battery charger 014.jpg

SCM-881:        $179.99 + SHIPPING

SUNFORCE Solar 12V Battery Trickle Charger

This option allows you to always have a charged battery, when you want to go out for a ride on the lake. This is a trickle charger that is always charging during the daylight hours, unless battery is fully charged. It does require ample time to recharge your battery after it has been drained.

It is charging while you are on the lake and using it, but it will not charge fast enough to drain your battery and think you can wait a few minutes and go again. So always plan accordingly when you are on the water enjoying your boat.

This is a very popular option, for the person that wants the least amount of maintenance possible, or does not have 110 electrical wired to the dock area, or access to 110 electricity at all.  


  • Maintenance Free / Easy Installation.
  • 5 Watt solar.
  • 12 Volt trickle.
  • Dimensions: 12.6" x 12.6" 
  • This unit charges 12V Batteries with the power of the Sun.
  • Plugs direct to battery with included Alligator Battery Clamps.
  • Comes complete with handrail mounting bracket, as shown in photo above. 
  • Charges in all Weather Conditions.
  • Made of Durable ABS Plastic & Amorphous Solar Cells.
  • Built in Overcharge /Discharge Protection.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • UPS Shippable



Minn Kota 10 AMP On-board battery charger

MK-9930:     $149.00 + Shipping (ships UPS)

Technical Features for Minn KotaMK110PC (1 Bank) On-Board Battery Charger

The Minn Kota MK110PC 1-bank on-board charger provides you with charging flexibility and multiple options to meet all your trolling requirements. It features a waterproof, shock and vibration-resistant construction, and its automatic temperature compensation delivers fast charging recovery, even in extreme conditions avoiding overcharging. 

The charger is engineered with a micro-processor-based design to protect your battery, charge faster and help you stay on the water longer. Monitors temperature and state-of-charge. Enhanced status codes display charge stage, maintenance mode status, any error notifications and full charge. Automatic shut-off feature extends battery life by shutting down when charging is complete.

  • 10 Amps Total Output.
  • Convenient On-board Mounting.
  • Multi-Stage Charging.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation.
  • Digitally-Controlled Microprocessor Design
    Protects Your Batteries so you can stay on the Water Longer.
  • Enhanced Status Codes.
    (Charge Stage, Maintenance Mode Status, Error Notification & Full Charge)
  • Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity & Ignition Protection.
  • Saltwater Tested & Fully Corrosion Resistant.
  • Waterproof, Shock & Vibration-resistant Aluminum Construction.
  • For use w/ 12V system w/ 12V/6-cell Batteries That Are Flooded/Wet Cell, Maintenance Free or Starved Electrolyte. (AGM) only (24-105 amp hour rating)
  • FCC Compliant.
  • UL Listed to Marine Standard 1236.

Minn Kota 20 AMP On-board battery charger

MK-220D:      $199.00 + Shipping (ships UPS)

Technical Features for Minn KotaMK212PC (2 Bank) On-Board Battery Charger

The Minn Kota MK212 PC 2-bank on-board charger provides you with charging flexibility and multiple options to meet all your trolling requirements. This features a waterproof, shock and vibration-resistant construction, and delivers fast charging recovery, even in extreme conditions avoiding overcharging. This charger makes use of on-board mounting that eliminates the hassle of traditional portable chargers. 

The MK212 PC Precision On-Board Charger is engineered with a High Frequency Digital Design that gives 6 Amp true-rated output on each bank which gives fastest recovery time. MK212 PC on-board charger also boasts Unparralled Durability which provides rugged, fully corrosion-resistant construction. This charger cleans and conditions batteries with each charge cycle, thus improving battery life . This charger mounts easily in the battery compartment.

  • On-Board Battery Charger.
  • 12 Amps Total Output.
  • Convenient On-Board Mounting.
  • High Frequency Digital Design.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation.
  • Cleans & Conditions Batteries w/ Each Charge Cycle.
  • Unparralled Durability ( rugged, fully corrosion resistant )
  • Low-Line Voltage Compensation.
  • Protected From Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Arc & Ignition.
  • AC Plug Holder.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation- Precision Chargers Sense & Adjust Temperature Fluctuations.
  • User Selectable Battery Type By Bank-Gel, Flooded Lead Acid, AGM, Full Equalize.
  • LED Indicators:
    Indicates % Charged by Bank
    Status/Battery Type
  • Automatic Multi-Stage Charging.

Minn Kota 5 AMP PORTABLE battery charger

MK105P:      $69.00 + SHIPPING (ships ups)

Technical Features for Minn KotaMK 105P (1 Bank)
Portable Charger

The Minn Kota 1821051 MK 105P 5 Amp portable charger provides you with ease and flexibility that you need to meet all your trolling requirements. It features LED display that indicates power-on, charging, full charge and check connection status. The short circuit and reverse polarity protection prevent chargers from operating if improperly connected to the battery. 

Get power to go, with this portable charger. Avoid overcharging or undercharging (which can damage the useful life of your battery and, over time, shorten battery life by as much as 30%) with the precise multi-stage charging capabilities of our portable chargers. They let you take the power to your boat and stay on the water longer.

  • Portable Charger.
  • 5 Amps Total Output.
  • Fully Automatic 2-Stage Charging. (Bulk & Maintenance)
  • Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity.
  • Recovery Time: 10-12 hours.
  • Size: 5" L x 7" W x 6-½" H
  • For use with: 12V / 6-cell Batteries (20-105 amp hour rating) that are Flooded/Wet Cell, Maintenance Free or Starved Electrolyte (AGM) ONLY
  • FCC Compliant.
  • UL Listed to Marine Standard 1236.


Optima Blue Top Batteries ( The battery of choice ) 

Here at Hotwood's, we run these same batteries in our vehicles for the ultimate in reliability. We also sell many of these to customers who do the same with their cars and trucks, along with their marine needs. 


  • Both dual-purpose and starting applications available.
  • Up to 3x more recharges than other marine batteries.
  • More than 15 times the vibration resistance.
  • Spill-proof. 
  • Mountable in virtually any position.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Optimal starting power. (dual purpose and starting applications available)
  • Works well as a boat battery or RV battery.
  • UPS Shippable


OPTB-850:      $225.00


Vented Battery box for standard size, Series 24 batteries (10- 1/8" max height). 4 cable openings, enlarged to .55" diameter. Larger handles with rolled edges. Instructions molded inside cover. Polypropylene construction for total acid resistance. Hold-down strap and mounting hardware included. Outside size: 14" x 9-5/8" x 10-5/8" high.

1149065: $14.00 + shipping ( ships ups )

Outside Battery Mount

The battery mounts allow your battery or gas tank to sit on the outside of your boat, leaving you plenty of room for your motor to operate. Our battery mounts can be added to both the 12' and 15' boat models. On the 15' Fish N Sport this allows you to mount your motor directly to the transom in the floor, giving you more control while operating the craft. This option can be added to your existing boat or add it to your new order.

UPS Shippable


LS-OBM:       $95.00 (EACH) + SHIPPING



AL-OBM:       $119.00 (EACH) + SHIPPING

Aluminum Folding Swim Ladder

Our aluminum folding swim ladder is designed with quick release pins, that allow you to remove it from the boat in the pull of 2 pins, if you need to take it completely off.

 2 mounting brackets remain permanently bolted to the deck or floor of the craft.

Very universal,  manufactured to fit any boat even if it is not one of our models we manufacture.

TL-2:      $219.00 + SHIPPING (ships ups)

Pedestal Seat and Mount

Bench seat shown with (2) seats with swivels mounted on top. This is a great way to mount your seats, giving you a place to set things beside you, much like a small table top. You can mount 2 as shown, or a single if that is all you need.

The bench seats shown above will give you that all day comfort that we all need, when on the lake for hours, or just trolling for an evening run.  ( A )

Adjustable pedestal ( B )

Removable pedestal ( C )



Injection Molded High-Impact Plastic Frames.

Compression Foam Padding.

Heavy 28 oz Marine Grade Vinyl.

Mildew Resistant & UV Treated.

UPS Shippable


( A ) 1 seat, with swivel ( no base ):                      $100.00 + shipping

( B ) Adjustable pedestal, seat, with swivel:      $169.00 + shipping

( C ) Removable pedestal, seat, with swivel:       $199.99 + shipping

All Weather Padded Seat Cushion

All weather vinyl, Completely covers full length of bench, 3 Velcro hold down straps, Breath vents to prevent flattening. (Holds it's shape)

If you are planning a long day on your Hotwood's pontoon boat that has a factory bench seat, these custom made cushions are a must.

Colors include: Camouflage, Burgundy, Tan, Blue. 

UPS Shippable

hd-bsc:       $65.00 + shipping

deluxe Flip Flop Bench Seat


FFS125:      $334.99 + shipping

This bench seat is the quick fix to comfort on your boat, if you need a bench with storage and the ability to be used from one side or the other, as the back rest can be flipped very easily back and forth.

Storage compartment under the seat measures 32" wide x 11" tall x 22" deep. Manufactured from high grade poly, this box will last lifetimes.

UPS Shippable

Deluxe Flip Flop Bench Seat 

  • State-of-the-Art, High-Impact Plastic Frames.
  • Vinyl Finish Molded Plastic Base.
  • Scuff & Mar Resistant.
  • Compression Foam Padding.
  • Removable Seat Cushion for Storage.
  • Heavy-Duty 28 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl.
  • Mildew Resistant & UV Treated.
  • Two position back rest.
  • Anodized Aluminum Arms.
  • Hinged seat cushion for storage.


This is the adjustable aluminum bench seat, mounted on the 615 Aluma Sport. This is the same style the 612 Aluma Sport will also use. Extra bench seats can be added to the front of the boat when ordering. A very common thing we see is to mount a swivel boat seat on top of the bench for extra back support and overall comfort.

UPS Shippable


6' SERIES BENCH SEAT (FITS: ALUMA sport 612 & 615):         $165.00

Fold Down Canopy Top Fits All Models


Folds down flat to the rear of the boat. All weather sharkskin vinyl material. Covers half the length of the deck in the upright position. This option can keep you very comfortable on those hot sunny days.

  Shown above with protective boot zipped in place. (Boot comes standard with all canopies) Canopy top, available in burgundy, royal blue, tan.

We also supply these same canopies to fit boats not manufactured by Hotwoods.

Like most of our accessories, the canopy top can be mounted very easily by the customer, on any one of our 4 models, new or old. 

UPS Shippable

6 foot Canopy

Fits Aluma Sport 612 & 615

CR-6'    $399.00 + shipping

5 Foot Canopy

Fits Lil Sport & Fish N Sport

CR-5'      $379.00 + shipping

Pontoon Boat Cover

Boat Cover is made from the highest quality vinyl available as shown on the Hotwoods Fish N Sport 15' model.

Cover comes standard with (2) adjustable interior poles to keep center of cover from sagging, due to moisture or snow build up, along with tie hoops located on multiple points all around the edge. ( No tie straps are included )

This cover is designed to fit ONLY the Lil Sport and Fish N Sport models.

We do NOT offer a cover for the ALuma Sport 612 or 615 models.

510 bc       $279.00 + shipping ( ships ups )

Duck Blind Kit (Frame Only)

Duck blind frame work kit is shown in Covert Green on a 15' Fish N Sport. We also offer Carlsbad Canyon Tan for the hunter that needs tan instead of green.

This kit is designed to give the sportsman the foundation to start with when building a duck blind on his Lil Sport or Fish N Sport pontoon boat.

Manufactured of the same 1 1/2" aluminum tubing we use on the handrail, it gives you a perfect frame to bolt your sheeting to and then staple or attach your cover grass to, or what ever type of camo you are using.

This same kit can be used on both the Aluma Sport 612 and the 615. 


( You will want to use grass, that is local to your hunting area. )

You can see in the photo with the grass added, how concealing the boat becomes when you add this option. Happy hunting from everyone at Hotwood's

UPS Shippable

Duck Blind frame kit:     $315.00 + shipping




PONTOON BOAT Accessories.