Hotwood's Bale Bed Winder

The all new mounting design makes it possible to mount your hydraulic wire winder to any hydraulic bale bed on the market today.

 This unit performs exactly like any of our other hydraulic wire winders.

 Through our research we have found that bale beds will have a 3"x3",  3"x4", 3.5"x3.5" or 4"x4" tube that is the arm that carries the bale.

When ordering, always know the size of the tube on the arm of your bale bed. 
This will ensure that you receive the mount that fits your bale bed on your truck.


This unit is designed to be operated from either side of your truck. It can be operated
on the outside of the arm or inside. As you can see, there are many options in the directions of where the reel will set with the way we designed the mount.

Hotwoods suggests that you use it on the drivers side of the truck on the inside as shown in the photos. By doing that, you can raise the arm up and over to set your rolled wire on the bed of your truck. This takes a great amount of the work out of handling the heavy rolls of wire.

This unit is designed to operate with the same functions as all of our hydraulic wire winders do and have for years.

Our standard split yellow reel, shown above, holds up to 1/2 mile of barbed wire
and up to 1 mile of smooth wire.

*unit will come with 10' hoses 1/2" male pipe ends (no quick couplers will be provided) 
*unit comes complete with ball valve and all necessary hardware. 
*unit comes standard with reusable split yellow reel as shown in the photos.
*unit mounts in seconds to your bale bed arm.

UPS shippable

When ordering, always know the size of the tube on the arm of your bale bed.

Call to order 1-877-407-8645

Bale Bed Unit has all the same capabilities and functions as the 3 point hydraulic units. Any & all solid reels that we manufacture will work with this Bale Bed unit (with the exception of the magnum unit).

Bale Bed Winder

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