12' and 15' Pontoon Boats in Covert Green!

12' Scout 510 $4,049.00 + shipping
15' Scout 510 $5,049.00 + shipping
15' Scout 510 tan $5,049.00 + shipping
Straw Blind $315.00 + shipping
Camo Duck Blind Kit $1449.00 + shipping

Pickup backing into the lake in Grand Island, NE

- Excellent for lake front home owners, fishing, etc.

- Extremeley stable and moves in very shallow water.

- Actual rubber mat floor space is 5' x 10' with added
20" x 5' wide aluminum fishing/dive deck up front.

Shown on a Shoreland'r trailer custom designed
to fit our 510 series pontoon boats.

Remember, our 510 series pontoon boats can easily be used as a floating dock. We have an all aluminum walkway design that quickly attaches to your 510 series boat to be used as a dock and will easily release so you can cruise the lake on your 510 series pontoon boat. Click here for information.

If you demand the best in camo boats, our ultra four float design for stability is right here!

Drainage: All of our boats have excellent floor drainage to keep the craft from water setting in it after it has rained, etc. Many other boats have inadequate floor drainage and you can expect 3-4 inches of water in them after a rain. What a hassel!

Our 510 series pontoon boats have a 1" drain in the center on each end and also all four corners drain out.

Scout 510 Features:

- Heavey Duty non-rustable aluminum

- 10 horse power rating

- 900 lb. carrying capacity

- Two 12-inch diameter pontoons

- Two 8-inch diameter pontoons

- Total boat weight: 400 lbs.

- Comfort grip handrails

- Rear step / splash guard

- Front drive / fish deck 5' x 20"

- Single bench seat standard with 2 drink holders

- Side drift protection rails

- Ultra durable rubber mat flooring

Boat is powder coat painted in Covert Green.
The most durable painting process available.

On the loading ramp & ready to be launched.

All hardware is stainless steel. Our 15' model series boats come with all side rails, bench seats and 2 drink holders as shown.

The front fish-hunt deck in photo.

All hardware is stainless steel.

Ultra durable rubber mat flooring.

The rear motor mount and splash deck.

Camo Duck Blind Kit

Here is our all new Duck Blind kit we offer for our popular Scout 510.

The duck blind kit is designed with tear open windows along with
a spring loaded release allowing the hunter to have a completely open top.

This release can be done by foot or a hand control.
This can be determined by the customer at time of order.

When traveling, the blind folds down into a
position that makes the road trip a snap.

The unit zips all around the blind to protect it from wind. This is a great way to store it when not in use. Cost is $1,449.00 with hand control and foot control release as extra options. Call to order 1-877-407-8645.

Above is the duck hunter with blind in transport position,
getting ready for delivery to a new customer in Lincoln, NE.

Natural Gear blind for 510 Hotwoods Pontoons


Above is our Natural Gear camo blind. This is set up on the 510 series pontoon boat and is just one of
the camo's that Hotwoods offers.


Here we are releasing the top
mechanism as it springs back
in the shooting position.

Duck blind shown above would be the water line on the floats. This blind can be used on dry ground also. This is a great set up to use as a quick blind.


This is the shooting position with
the top released down.

The top allows four windows with velcro closures
on each side for viewing incoming birds.

Here is the interior view from the top with the blind down in the shooting position.

Complete with dog door
on the side of the blind.
Rod & Shannon Kinney from Berthoud, CO drove to Grand Island to pick
up their powder coat tan Lil' Sport complete with duck blind & trailer.
Welcome aboard from all of us at Hotwoods!

The Scout 510 EXT

This is the 15' extended version of our ever popular 12' Scout. This model has the same rating and specs as the Fish-N-Sport 510 with the exception of the extended rear deck that matches the front deck, giving you 20" more deck on the rear of the boat to work from while hunting or fishing.
Above is a closeup view of the extended 20" rear deck with motor mount.

Hotwoods Customer Spotlight


Robert Kersh from Arizona is shown above. We delivered his boat to him unassembled as he is going to add the 6' high side rails we manufactured and a roof that will attach to the boat.

Richard and Candy Elliot from Crossville, IL picking up their new 15' Extended Duck Hunter in Covert Green powder coat.

Chester Barnhill & his boys from Ivanhoe, NC with his new Scout 510 EXT. They drove to Grand Island on a hunting trip to Kansas. They own and operate Sweet Berry Farms, the largest blueberry farm in
North America.

Here is Colorado Springs customer Keith Dean. He drove to Grand Island to pick up his Scout 510 at our showroom.

All Scout models come with our ultra durable rubber mat flooring.

The guys are showing Keith Dean how to fold down his canopy top for travel.

Scout 510 show with optional foot control motor mount and Minn-Kota foot control motor. Note: the battery has been mounted to the left of the motor on the splash deck.
A swing hitch has been added to this trailer as well as relocation of the spare tire carrier as requested by the customer.

This is Greg Miller from Milton, WI. Greg drove to our showroom to pick up his new Lil' Sport Scout and brought along 3 unbeleivable dogs. Rev, Rum & Dox. Rev was the national field trial champ in 2003 and won the Canadian field trial championship also. Very well trained as shown in this shot with Greg.

Motor mount block in place on
the rear motor mount.

Price $7.00 each.


12' Scout 510 Also available!

Add your hunting blind for a unique hunting experience.
Shown here is a 12' Scout ready for another season.


12' Scout 510 $4,049 + shipping
15' Scout 510 $5,049.00 + shipping
15' Scout 510 tan $5,049.00 + shipping
Straw Blind $315.00 + shipping
Camo Duck Blind Kit $1449.00 + shipping


Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 today with any questions
or to order your Scout 510 series pontoon boat.

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