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We also sell our 510 Series Boat pontoons separately

The 15' models (pictured above) have a buoyancy of 900lbs. per set..

The 12' 10" models have a buoyancy of 700lbs. per set.

The outboard pontoons have a diameter of 12" and the inboard pontoons have a diameter of 8".

All pontoons have a wall thickness of .090".

Ken Tinsley from Easley, SC is preparing to build his own boat using
a new set of 15' floats.

This setup is a terrific start for someone interested in building their own personal pontoon boat.

Prices include a complete set of pontoons including all brackets welded in place.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions Or To Order Your Pontoon Floats.



15' Length Model

$1,850.00 + shipping

12' 10" Length Model

$1,750.00 + shipping

price does not include shipping - call for details 1-877-407-8645

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