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15' Pontoon Boat

Watch Fish-N-Sport 510 Series Mini Pontoon in action!
Watch the Fisn N Sport assembly video

15' Fish N Sport Shown with 2 Pedestal Mount Seats

Shown with 4 pedestal mount seats, canopy, and foot control
Minn-Kota electric trolling motor with twin 12V batteries
mounted to front deck.

Or purchase our heavy duty Mariner Chair (below).
Click for more information.


As you can see this private lake has a Hotwoods pontoon boat
on almost every property. This is a popular boat for quiet lakes.

This is Doug Peters from Hill City, SD. Doug and his wife drove
down to our Grand Island showroom to pick up their new
Fish N Sport 510. Welcome aboard!



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  • Excellent for lake front home owners, fishing etc.

  • Extremely stable and moves in very shallow water.

  • Actual carpeted floor space is 5' x 10' with added
    20" x 5' wide aluminum fishing/dive deck up front.

Remember our 510 series pontoon boats can easily be used as a floating dock. We now have our all aluminum walkway design that quickly attaches to your 510 series boat to be used as a dock and will easily release so you can cruise the lake on your 510 series pontoon boat. Click here.

15' Fish N Sport

Relax and enjoy with our 15' model "Fish N Sport" Pontoon Boat. Our four pontoon design makes this boat one of the most stable on the market. You will enjoy years of durability with the quality construction of marine grade flooring and heavy duty aluminum.

15' Model Fish N Sport with canopy.

DRAINAGE: All our boats have excellent floor drainage to keep the craft from water setting in it after it has rained. Many other boats have inadequate floor drainage and you can expect 3-4 inches of water in them after a rain. What a hassel!

Our 510 series pontoon boats have a 1" drain in the center on each end and also all 4 corners drain out.

While unloading, Stan Henaman from Houston asked,
"How stable is it really?" His son who plays football in Houston
jumped on and he got his answer. The were both very impressed.

Here is a nice picture that shows the stability of our Fish N Sport 510 when fishing off the front deck. Note the draft on the pontoon
is less than 4 inches. Stability is what we are all about.

Here is Joe Jones, Steve Jones, Craig Burgess
from Manhatten, KS. They flew into Grand Island in the
company jet to look at one of our 510 series pontoon boats.
Note they did not buy just one boat,
as you see, they have 3 hats on and are very happy
with their purchases they made at Hotwood's.
Joe and Steve own Manko Glass in Manhatten, KS.
They have been manufacturing windows and
related items since 1989 in the facitlity in Manhatten
and also Denver, Co. If you need windows for your
next project check them out at www.mankowindows.com
You will like what you find.


15' Fish-N-Sport shown with optional foot controlled motor mount with twin 12V batteries securely mounted with stainless bolts through front deck.

The light weight design makes it easy for loading and docking.

Optional easy load Shoreland'r Trailer is available. Whether you power with gas or electric this pontoon moves with ease in very shallow water, making it a sportsman's dream.

Shown With Optional Pedestal Mount Seat.
$165.00 each (Seat and Pedestal).

Robert & Helena Lloy from Little Rock, Arkansas cannot wait
to get their new boat on the water.

Two new boats waiting for customer pickup in our showroom.

Michael Miller from Mattawan, Michigan drove out to our showroom in Grand Island, to pick up his Fish N Sport. Michael is anxious to get home and get it on the water.

Here is Richard Moorhead and his son-in-law from Roscoe TX. They picked up their new Fish N Sport with trailer at
our Grand Island Facility.

Fish N Sport 510 Features

  • Heavy Duty Non-Rustable Aluminum

  • 10 Horse Power Rating

  • 900 lb. carrying capacity

  • Two 12-inch diameter pontoons

  • Two 8-inch diameter pontoons

  • Total boat weight: 400 lbs.

  • Comfort Grip Handrails

  • Rear Step / Splash Guard

  • Front Dive / Fish Deck 5' x 20"

  • Single Bench Seat Standard with 2 Drink Holders

  • Side Drift Protection Rails

  • High Grade Outdoor Carpet (optional rubber flooring)

  • Boat Demensions: Length: 15 ft x Width: 6ft 6in

Kip and Kathy Reeves of Doniphan, NE just love their Fish N Sport!

Notice how nicely the Fish N Sport sits in the water when not occupied.

The 42" shaft trolling motor allows you to
have your prop deep enough while the tiller
stays high enough for comfortable operation.

Michael Towndrow from Peyton, CO needed 30" handrails instead of
the regular 20". We gave him what he asked for. That's what we do
to keep our customers happy.


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Shown with folding tongue and spare mounted in place.

Crane loading another Fish N Sport 510 out of our plant and onto the trailer to make another customer very happy.

Shown with optional bench seat.
Bench seat is standard equiptment on the
Fish n Sport model. (15' only)

Check out our new and very exciting 15' Fish N Sport in
Powder Coat Tan. It has the same features as the
Fish N Sport 510 except it is in powder coated beige.
If you demand the very best in quality and want to be set aside from anyone on the lake; this is your boat. Call for pricing.

Beaching your pontoon is as easy as pulling up on the shore and stepping
off front deck. Usually less than 12 inches of step down.

Here is Stephen Ball from Bison, KS. Stephen came to Hotwood's to pick up his hat right here in Grand Island and guess what?
He took home a brand new Fish N Sport boat and trailer.

This is Doug Carie from Wichita, Kansas who drove up to pick up his
tan Fish N Sport at our Grand Island showroom

15' Fish N Sport crossing the lake on one the many private lakes
we have delivered too.

Here is a few pictures of some very happy new customers from Nashville, MI.
Jerry and Sharon Brumm drove down to pick up their new 510 Pontoon Boat
here at the showroom. Jerry makes very high grade bows for archery.
His bows can be seen at www.gnbco.com Check them out.

Danny, from Halifax, VA is a happy customer now enjoying
his new 510 series pontoon.

Brett Steckler posted on Hotwoods's Facebook Wall:
"I love my pontoon boat, now I don't have to worry about those alligators in the shallows!!!!!
Watch out bass, its frying time!"


We've seen this more than once... when we sell to a customer on a
private lake and before long, many more see the benefits
of owning a Hotwood's pontoon.


Dave Stamp from Harlan, Iowa, flagged us down while traveling down I-80 just east of Omaha, NE. He wanted to find out where to get one of these boats. Kevin sold the boat he was pulling, right there along the interstate. If you see us on the road, pull us over we will do business anywhere anytime.

Here is Mr & Mrs. James Reynolds who drove down from Deering, ND
to pick up their new Fish N Sport 510 at our showroom.
We are finding our customers are making some real fun outings when
driving to get their new boat in Nebraska. Welcome aboard to the Reynolds'.

"7 1/2 pound black bass Hall Lake, Oklahoma. I consistently catch
lunker fish thanks to my Fish-N-Sport pontoon.I get into water where other
boats will not float in. This boat is a "One Of A Kind" fishing machine.
Thank you Kevin, Phil, and Dan!"
Dr. Steve White - Artesia,NM

Karen Houtwed, with daughter Hope and Nick Hardin, shortley after Nick
recieved his brand new Fish N Sport 510 and Trailer in Kentucky,
compliments of Make a Wish and Hotwood's. FULL STORY>>

Here is a special order 15' powder coat green boat that we manufactured
to be only 4' wide. This boat was custom made to be used in a tunnel that links 2 bodies of water. We can custom build a boat to fit your needs. Call 877-407-8645.

David and Marjorie Krip drove 1480 miles from Prince Albert, SK, Canada
to pick up their 15ft. Fish-N-Sport.

Here is Larry Evans, one of our regular drivers delivering a boat
and trailer to Idaho. You will enjoy working with Larry as we do.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Twiss from Wray, Colorado, drove out to pick up their new Fish N Sport 510. Like we always say to our customers, "Welcome aboard!"

One more happy customer getting ready to fish
Sheridan Lake near Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Ed & Mary Mason from Sargent, NE are ready to
get home and go fishing.


Charles Moore and Leon Waldrop drove up from Pampas, TX
to pick up their Fish N Sport.

The Campbell's recently purchased the Fish 'n Sport 510 and are
really enjoying fishing on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.

Dr. Steve White with Biscuit his black mouth cur at the ranch he has
developed in Holis, OK. Steve has done a wonderful job of developing
his 2,000 acre ranch into one of the best all around hunting and fishing
reserves we have seen. Steve absolutly loves his Fish N Sport 510
as he will not use anything else on his local lakes and ponds.

Here are Ted & Dale Schwochow, our dealers in Hill City, SD.
You can find them at 177 Museum Dr. or call them at 605-574-2440.
They are located at the north end of main street on the west side
of the road just as you take the curve to head east out of town.

Scott Steller from Atascadero, CA. Scott drove out from CA to pick his
boat up and he cannot wait to get home and put it on the water.

"Thank you for the great service we received after deciding to buy
the Fish N Sport 510. I could not believe how fast you moved to get it to us.
It was in the water less than 48 hours after we ordered. Unbelievable!
We looked at several different small pontoon boats but kept coming back to the
Fish N Sport and couldn’t be happier."
~ N. Wegner, Edmond, OK

On a recent trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota we spotted this customer enjoying a lazy afternoon on Lake Pactola just north of Hill City, SD.


Here is Farris Martinous family from Pittsburg, KS.
They are very happy with their new tan powder coated Fish N Sport 510.


"This boat is more than I ever thought it would be. I tell my friends, its like taking the dock from the shore and going accross the lake to fish off of. I have never seen such a stable platform. Very Happy, Great company to work with."

~ George Slade, Forest, VA.


Mike Schiffelbein from Garden City, KS drove up to our showroom
and picked up his new boat and trailer. Welcome aboard Mike!

This was a special delivery as our staff met Kirk, Trula and
Jason Jamison from Lincoln, Nebraska,
at the showroom at 12:00 noon on Father's Day for the ultimate gift.
We're not kidding when we say if you want your boat we will make it happen.


This is Michael Beazley from Swannanoa, NC who drove out to
pick up a used 510 pontoon boat. He wanted a road trip and
we happened to have one of the few used Hotwoods pontoon boats
that we have seen here in years, so welcome aboard Michael.

Here are Larry and Lhea Wilson from Huxley, IA. They just purchased
their new Fish N Sport with Shoreland'r trailer. They look like they are ready
to get on the water. Welcome aboard from the Hotwood's group.


Beth, Kal and Bob Terlip trying out the new Tan Fish N Sport.
Hotwood's delivered it to their lake and helped set it in the water
in Frontenac, KS.

Here is Bob Terlip with his grandson, Kal, and daughter-in-law, Beth,
shortly after we delivered his 3rd boat to him in Frontenac, KS.
Bob said Kal needed a boat since they had just moved to a beautiful
home on the lake there in Frontenac. What a very special family.


Here is another tan Fish N Sport headed to the lake.

Hotwood's go to any length to get you your boat as shown crossing
Hoosier Pass just south of Breckenridge,Co. to get to another happy customer.



Here is A.L. Huston from Enid, OK. He drove up and picked up his new
Fish N Sport 510 pontoon boat and went to the Nebraska State Fair while in town. He told us he has 9 wonderful grandson's who will really enjoy this boat.
A.L. told us he truely enjoyed working with Hotwood's on this project
and we really enjoyed working with him.
Welcome aboard from everyone here at Hotwood's.

Above is the proper way to strap down your boat (front and rear) when transporting on the
road. This is done using one 6' atv strap on the front and the rear, as shown.

Rich Heinrich from Hastings, NE has been added to our satisfied customer list.
He purchased the Fish N Sport 510 along with the 816 dock system with a 16' walkway. Rich Lives on Hastings Lake
just on the edge of town. The system we installed for Rich is what we consider the ultimate setup.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions Or
To Order Your Fish-N-Sport Pontoon Boat.


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